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Our goal is to help educate our community about healing our pets and performance animals through natural means. Just as with humans, animal health is a delicate balance and when symptoms are merely masked by medication, the root cause maintains the imbalance. Join us regularly in our articles and videos where we cover animal health topics including proper diet, exercise, disease treatments and supplements. We interview and feature experts in natural animal care and get their tips and insights. Connect with us below to ensure that you don’t miss anything!

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EIPH Clinical Case Study - 23/26 starters finished with an EIPH 0 or 88.5% success rate
Throat Ulcer Clinical Case Study - Healing in 15 days of treatment with BioEqualizer

Case Studies

Dr. Warren - BioEqualizer & EIPH

Dr. Warren & Veterinary Assistant, Pam Gomez, tell the story of a particular filly who was very high strung with the pain of EIPH who after 3 treatments no longer needed to be tranquilized to be shod and went on to win several stakes.

Dr. Warren Explains BioEqualizer

Dr. Warren explains what BioEqualizer is and how it works to modulate a horse’s immune system.

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