Hello animal lovers. Welcome to another issue of alternative animal health articles from trusted sources. Here we have compiled 5 more sites with great information on holistic animal health.  

Recently we’ve been talking about how mainstream vets are taking advantage of the huge medicine and vaccine industry. We at Alternative Health Concepts always advocate holistic health for your animals, so that you don’t have to rely on frequent vet visits, scheduled vaccines and excessive unnecessary medication, and you don’t need to insert harmful chemicals into your pet’s body or into the environment.

Below we have 5 holistic health sites for animals where you’ll find ways to boost the health of your pets through using alternative holistic methods.

1. Natural Dog health Remedies:

Natural Dog health Remedies was put together by Hazel Ketko in April 2008. She is a pet lover, owns cats and dogs. She has gathered a wealth of knowledge on holistic health care of pets through experience and also by taking several courses.

Articles we like from Natural Dog health Remedies:


2. Holistic Animal Therapy Organization:

alternative animal health for dogsHolistic Animal Therapy Organization  is one of the oldest natural and holistic animal health organizations in Australia. They empower and support qualified natural animal health practitioners around the world, promoting holistic healthcare for animals.

Articles we like from Holistic Animal Therapy Organization:


3. American Council of Animal Naturopathy:

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy offer a holistic approach to treating and preventing disease through naturopathy and education for pet owners and professional practitioners. They also believe that in order to uphold the standards of naturopathic medicine, it’s necessary to share knowledge and create more leaders.

Articles we like from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy:


4. Holistic Pet Healer:

catHolistic Pet Healer was put together by Dr. Diane Gabriel, VMD, CVA. She has also completed a number of courses in Western Veterinary Herbology, and has gathered knowledge in Comprehensive study of Chinese and Western Herbs via lectures & course work. She provides a number of services including making house calls and providing advice on Nutrition & Diet for your pets.

Articles we like from the Holistic Pet Healer:


5. Animal Health Oasis Inc.:

Animal Health Oasis Inc. provides holistic pet care services in the Naples FL area. Dr. Anja Kordon, who is a licensed, experienced Naples veterinarian, runs the veterinary clinic and animal hospital. Their team emphasizes educating pet owners in how to keep pets healthy all year round through good nutrition and exercise.   

Articles we like from the Animal Health Oasis Inc.


That’s all we have for you in this issue folks. Hope you enjoyed our issue this week. Please visit these sites listed here; you’ll love all the information they have on holistic animal health. Also, Please provide us your feedback in the comment box and let us know if you’ve found some valuable information here..

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