Do you own pets or raise farm animals for a living? We have researched and compiled some of the highly trusted and informative sites on animal health from around the world.

Hello everyone! Welcome to another issue of animal health sites from trusted sources. Here we have 5 animal health sites containing valuable information, carefully selected and reviewed by our team. So, let’s get right into them.   

1. Vital Animal

dogVital Animal was founded by Will Falconer, DVM who graduated veterinary school in 1980. He started his career in Wisconsin, treating dairy cows, horses and household pets. After practicing for several years, he decided to get into the alternative animal health world. He gained knowledge about animal nutrition, also received  training in acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic care. His life long academic and practical knowledge lead him to become a “holistic vet.”

Articles we like from Vital Animal


2. Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center is an animal hospital founded in 1997. The Center has been promoting and maintaining animal health, especially household pets, through education and through understanding the fundamental principles of animal health. What sets them apart from other traditional animal hospitals is that they take time to sit down with pet owners and try to understand each individual pet instead of promoting vaccines or any traditional veterinary products.

Articles we like from Wolf Rock Animal Health Center


3. Dr. Allen Schoen – Holistic Integrative Veterinary Healthcare

horse Dr. Allen Schoen – Holistic Integrative Veterinary Healthcare  is a unique site developed by one of the pioneers of veterinary acupuncture and natural therapists. Dr. Allen Schoen has been practicing and developing his holistic veterinary approach since 1981, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic medicine in veterinary practices.

Articles we like from Dr. Allen Schoen


4. TransAgra

TransAgra specializes in microbial fermentation in animal gut. This website is the result of hard works of some of the talented individuals. The company has come a long way since Herbert Peer, first started the company in 1960.

Articles we like from TransAgra


5. American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association was started by a small group of veterinarians who were enthusiastic about a holistic approach to treating animals. Dr. Carvel Tiekert incorporated the group in Maryland, where their headquarters are. This site is helpful for veterinary practitioners and students who are looking to connect with other members, exchange views and obtain information, elevating veterinary practices through education, innovation, and advocacy of integrative medicine.

Articles we like from the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


This is all we had for you in this issue. Hope you enjoyed our selections! If you did, please leave a comment in the comment box. I’m sure you’ll benefit from the information given on these sites.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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