We are back with another issue of animal health articles from trusted sources. This week we have another set of amazing animal health articles, focusing on holistic animal health.

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back with another issue of alternative animal health articles from trusted sources. You may already know that it’s very difficult to find authentic sites that talk about alternative animal health.

Our focus has always been to find holistic solutions to animal health through our blogs. We advocate holistic health solutions, which are often helpful in boosting animal health instead of the mainstream medicine and big brand pharmaceuticals, which tend to address the symptoms instead of the underlying cause of the disease.

We believe that we have the power to heal ourselves naturally without the need for mainstream medicine, and we can also help our animals stay healthy with holistic health care methods. So, below we have a collection of holistic animal health articles.


1. Natural Animal Solutions

puppyNatural Animal Solutions is a family business operating since 2005, and it’s driven by the passion for pets of it’s founder members . They consider pets as family members and take care of them as such. This website has a whole list of health conditions and solutions, as well as many informative articles in their education section.

Articles we like from Natural Animal Solutions

2.  Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center offers holistic care for dogs and cats. It was established in 1998 in a veterinary hospital setting to draw from various treatment methods and provide holistic healthcare to pets.

Articles we like from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

3.  Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services

Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services  is based on the efficiency of Dr. Everett Dodd, PhD Biology, Marlana Dodd, SNHS Cert. Homeopathy, and Roger Leonard, R.N., SNHS Cert. Holistic Nutrition and Herbalist, and their highly trained and experienced staff. Dr. Dodd has been using his medical techniques and holistic modalities for animal health since 1978.

Articles we like from Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services


4. Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine is a community of like-minded vets, trainers, breeders, and dog lovers like you. Their printed and digital materials are designed to bring to you the latest and well established facts and resources about natural canine health care of your pet.

Articles we like from the Dogs Naturally Magazine


5. Holistic Veterinary Healing

cat Holistic Veterinary Healing offers a holistic approach to the healthcare of your pets, which means a balanced and gentle approach, which causes no harm or side effects to the animals. Holistic medicines consider the animal, as a whole, the body, mind and spirit of the animal, with integration with conventional veterinary treatments. This website offers a lot of information on career opportunities, common questions and answers, blogs, and many other articles and resources.

Articles we like from Holistic Veterinary Healing


That’s all we had for you in this issue. Hope you enjoyed our issue this week. Please leave a comment in the comment box and let us know if you’ve found some valuable information here. Don’t forget to visit these sites because I’m sure you’ll benefit from the information presented on them.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts    


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