Animals are just like us. They feel happy and sad, and they also have emotions like fear and joy. A holistic approach addresses all aspects of animal health.

Traditional vets often don’t talk about holistic methods of treatment with their pet owners. However, if you are a pet owner, you might want to start thinking about it!

Why is holistic health so important? Well, because you don’t just want to get rid of the symptoms, but want to address the root cause of a disease. When animals get sick, it’s mainly because they have a weak immune system. It’s absolutely possible to fight diseases naturally without putting chemicals into your animals’ body. Modern vaccines are also being heavily questioned and being put under scrutiny.


5 Holistic Animal Health Sites

We researched and found sites that offer science-based knowledge on holistic health for animals. In this issue, we have compiled five websites that contain resources on holistic animal health – enjoy!


1. Paws to Heal:

catPaws to Heal is put together by Dr. Saranyu Pearson, BVSc(Hons), VetMFHom. She has been practicing for over 30 years in Australia. She specializes in treating domestic animals, with classical homeopathy and integrative veterinary medicine.

Articles we like from Paws to Heal:


2. Holistic Veterinary Care:

Holistic Veterinary Care is a medical facility and rehabilitation center for animals that provide alternative and holistic health care. It’s a team of experienced vets and staff trying to provide high quality holistic veterinary care.

Articles we like from Holistic Veterinary Care:


3. Marta Williams:

Marta Williams is a holistic vet. She believes that a holistic care, proper nutrition, and using natural products instead of synthetic drugs and chemicals whenever possible, can lead to healthier animals that live longer with fewer health problems.

Articles we like from Marta Williams:



4. She Knows Media:

She Knows Media is a digital media outlet for women’s lifestyle. It has a large section for animal and pet care with hundreds of blogs and articles on holistic animal health.  Below we have a sample of a few of their holistic pet care articles.

Articles we like from She Knows Media:


5. Veterinary Holistic Center:

Veterinary Holistic Center is a facility located in Northern Virginia providing holistic veterinary care services. They provide comprehensive, integrative therapies to complement the mainstream animal healthcare treatments and procedures. This site has a wide range of resources available right at your fingertips.

Articles we like from Veterinary Holistic Center:


puppyThese were our chosen articles for this week. Hope you’ll go through these sites and find them valuable. Next week we’ll be back with another collection of articles on holistic health for animals. Until next time, stay well and stay healthy.


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Source: Alternative Health Concepts   

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