Hello, welcome to another issue of animal health articles from trusted sources. Every other week, we try to bring you articles and resources that would help any pet owner to learn more about holistic animal health.

If holistic pet care is your thing, this issue will be especially helpful for you. This week we have 5 great sites from the holistic animal health realm that are unique and have information to help you TODAY!.


1.  Spirituality and Health Magazine:

dogSpirituality and Health Magazine is an awesome online source for finding a wide variety of topics under a broad umbrella. They include topics like Eastern philosophy, nutrition, meditation, wellness, yoga, and holistic medicine.

Articles we like from the Spirituality and Health Magazine:


2. Health for Dogs:

Health for Dogs is a website by Helga Schmitt. With this website, she strives to educate and help dog owners with more natural approaches that are healthier and help pet owners to achieve and maintain optimum health for pets.

Articles we like from Health for Dogs:



3. Top Dog Tips:

Top Dog Tips is an online magazine for pet owners that help them to find reliable resources on natural and holistic dog care. You’ll find information on alternative canine medicine, raw feeding diets, reliable dog products, proper dog grooming tools, doggy treats, pet cameras, and much more.

Articles we like from the Top Dog Tips:


4. Holistic Animal Network:

Holistic Animal Network is an Australia-based animal health site that provides information and access to a wide variety of holistic and complementary practitioners around Australia. You can also have access to a large number of articles nimal health topics authored by experts and members of the site.

Articles we like from the Holistic Animal Network:


5. Animal Wellness Guide:

guinea pig Animal Wellness Guide has useful information and guidelines for everyone, whether you’re a pet owner, a practitioner looking for new ideas, looking for a career in the holistic animal health industry, or if you just want to learn about alternative and holistic animal health care systems and therapies.

Articles we like from the Animal Wellness Guide:

This concludes our collection for this week, which we have selected by reviewing many of the holistic health sites published on the internet today. Hope you’ll benefit from the information and resources they have. Please let us know if you’re finding this information useful by putting a comment in the comment box below.

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