Hello, how is everyone doing? It’s good to be back with another issue of animal health articles from trusted sources. This week, we have 5 more holistic animal health sites, so enjoy! Holistic health care is just as important for animals as it is for us humans. Some of these alternative and complementary medicines tend to work well and reduce the chances of sickness. Some of them tend to ease the symptoms of diseases when done alongside modern medicine, and some others prevent animals from becoming sick easily. Below we have 5 holistic health sites for animals, each with a wealth of information.

1. Home Vet:

black catHome Vet is a website put together by Dr. Jeff Feinman, a certified Homeopath, and an Integrative Veterinarian. He also holds a degree in molecular biology, besides a veterinary degree. He is a caring person and loves animals. He tries to provide the best medical support he can for animals and so, he chose to become a holistic healing vet. This site has hundreds of articles to help you improve your pet’s health, written by experts including Dr. Jeff Feinman himself.

Articles we like from the Home Vet:


2. Pet Care Naturally:

Pet Care Naturally provides information that combines integrative therapies and nutrition for optimal animal health. This site is owned by Dr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM. He specializes in internal medicine, exotic pets, dermatology, and cancer. He’s also a writer and a public speaker. On his site, visitors can search for treatments for diseases or illnesses, and also find articles and other information related to pet health.

Articles we like from Pet Care Naturally:

holistic dog

3. Animal Wellness:

Animal Wellness is an online magazine which is a strong advocate of natural pet health. They have been around for ages as a paper-based magazine. Their knowledge and experience have led them to create 4 pillars of animal health, which are Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training and active lifestyle. Their comprehensive library contains a digital archive of their previous issues, video gallery, blogs, and articles.

Articles we like from Animal Wellness:


4. Holistic Vet:

Holistic Vet resulted from the efforts of Dr. Ihor Basko and his unique methods. He has a patient living and caring approach and takes the time to become friends with his animal patients. Dr. Ihor Basko started his career at an early age and has gathered a wealth of knowledge in holistic animal health.

Articles we like from the Holistic Vet:


5.  The Dog Naturopath:

holistic vetThe Dog Naturopath is an Australian based site, specializing in naturopathy for dogs. Sar Rooney, who has been providing naturopathic care to animals since 1990, is now providing information and online consulting service through this website.  She is a highly qualified naturopathic doctor, and also an author and lecturer. a. These sites are really unique and full of useful information on holistic animal health.
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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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