Hello and welcome back to our collection of animal health articles from trusted sources. Here we have 5 animal health sites, and 3 article selected by our team from each of the 5 trusted sites.

If you own animals, you might want to look at some of the alternative ways to keep them healthy. Holistic medicine practitioners believe that many of the alternative treatments help their patients feel better and heal faster. They can also prevent and cure illnesses and be used alongside modern medicine. In most cases they are all natural and have no side effects.

Below we have 5 sites carefully selected, that inform you about various alternative treatment options.

1. Shirley’s Wellness Café

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe is an Educational website that emphasizes boosting human and pet’s immune systems with a holistic approach. They believe that in recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in chronic illness and many of these are because of a weak immune system. This website covers a lot of information on natural healing, healthy food, and other aspects of animal and human health.

Articles we like from Shirley’s Wellness Café



2. Animal Wellness Guide | Holistic Health for Animals

puppy Animal Wellness Guide is useful for both pet owners who are looking for natural ways to support their pet’s health and also for those who are looking for a career in holistic animal health. So, if you are a pet owner or want to become a holistic animal health practitioner, check out this website to find a list of schools, practitioners, or for great tips and advice on holistic animal health.

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3. AlternativePetHealth.com

AlternativePetHealth.com is an interesting website to look at. It was started by a couple living in a remote village in the woods of Idaho. The owners of this website started it in order to create new jobs.  Alternative health is one of the top interests and passions of the owners of this website.

Articles we like from AlternativePetHealth.com


4. Integrative Animal Health

kitten Integrated Animal Health is a development stage commercial animal health company founded by Rob Neely. It has developed many therapeutic products for animals, and provides solutions for feeding and animal healthcare. They have a profound global presence with headquarters based in Lawrence, Kansas.  

Articles we like from Integrative Animal Health



5. Natural Animal Health

Natural Animal Health is packed with information on complementary and alternative treatment options for your pet animals. It’s also a good place to find out about complementary therapists and vets, animal health, and laws. This website is based in the UK, and contains information on a wide variety of alternative treatment methods such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture and much more.

Articles we like from Natural Animal Health

So, that was our collection of alternative animal health articles from trusted sources.  Hope you’ll enjoy visiting these sites. To learn more about alternative health, subscribe to our blogs. Also, sign up and join us on our Weekly Live Webinars!

Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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