Hello and welcome to another great animal health digest. This week, we’ve picked some of the most valuable articles on holistic pet care from trusted sources.

If you own animals and think that natural health is important for them, you’ll find several valuable articles in this issue. Just like our previous issue, our team has carefully reviewed many animal health sites and selected some of the most reliable holistic animal health articles, so check these sites and articles listed below.


1. Home Vet

catHome Vet is a community based pet website. This site is run by Dr. Jeff Feinman, a certified homeopath and Integrative Veterinarian. This site has over 150 articles on animal health, both for healthy and sick animals. They include tips on pet diet, skin care, new pet training, health maintenance, complementary therapies and many inspiring pet prose.

Articles we like from Home Vet


2. Pet Care Naturally

Pet Care Naturally was developed by Dr. Shawn to provides pet owners with information on natural and holistic health care. He also emphasizes natural nutrition and supplements that support animal health. This is a great site for informative articles on integrative animal health, nutrition and natural health.

Articles we like from Pet Care Naturally


3. Holistic Animal Doc

dogs Holistic Animal Doc is a website of Dr. Yearout’s “All Animal & Bird Clinic.” He provides holistic and alternative healthcare to companion animals including pet birds, exotic animals and backyard livestock. His practices are extended to various methods of alternative treatment such as homeopathy, animal chiropractic and herbal treatments. The site is informative, and easy to navigate, so you might want to check it out.  

Articles we like from Holistic Animal Doc


4. Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet is a website designed for people who are passionate about natural pet health.  They produce and promote natural products such as pet food, vitamins & supplements, toys, and grooming and cleaning kits, health products and tick and flea control products for your pets, particularly, dogs and cats.

Article we like from Only Natural Pet  


5. Holistic Pet Care [New Jersey]

horse Holistic Pet Care is located in New Jersey, offering a wide spectrum of alternative and complementary health care options for pets. Their treatment options include acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbal treatment, raw food diet, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and much more. Take advantage of their resources, blogs and links.

Articles we like from Holistic Pet Care


Hope you enjoyed our issue this week. Please leave a comment in the comment box if you’ve found some valuable information here. I’m sure you’ll benefit from the information on the sites listed here.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts   


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