Hello and welcome to our collection of 5 animal health articles from trusted sources. Here we will bring forward fives sites on animal health. If you love animals, you’ll find useful information on these sites.

When you want information on animal health, where do you go? You search the internet, right? But there are so many different types of websites out there. It would take you hours to sort through them and find valuable information. We have done most of the legwork for you. Here, we have compiled five sites on animal health that you’ll find useful. These are selected by our team based on the quality and information on these sites.

1. Animal-World

catAnimal World is for anyone who needs information on responsible pet ownership. This website is packed with information, and they encourage you to learn as much as you can from their website. They’ve got articles specific to most common pets. Articles may be on basic topics such as pictures of animals to complex topics like conversion calculators for aquariums.

Articles we like from   Animal-World


2. Omega Fields

Omega Fields is owned by Sean and Brenda Moriarty. They produce flax based omega-3 supplements for horses, dogs, goats and chickens. This site allows you to learn about the omega-3 products for various animals. They also have articles and recipes with omega-3 for animals.

Articles we like from Omega Fields


Horse health


3. The Natural Vet 

The Natural Vet  was founded by Dr. Dan Moore. He has formulated and marketed several natural supplements and products for animals, especially for horses and also for humans. You can read about his various products, and learn about natural animal medicines through his blogs and articles on his website.

Articles we like from The Natural Vet


4. Pet Education

Pet Education is designed to provide veterinary help to the general public. Doctors Foster and Smith posts articles and videos regularly on this site to provide answers to general or specific questions posed by users.  This site is an information bases site and you’ll find articles and videos on a wide variety of pets including common pets like cats, dogs, birds, and fish, and also unusual pets like reptiles. However, you’ll not find any products or shopping cart here.

Articles we like from Pet Education


5. Love That Pet

dogLove That Pet is an amazing size for seeking veterinary and pet care advice. This site is based in Australia, and the owners of this site believe in quality products and service. As a result, they opened up Love the Pet for providing special care to their customers.

Articles we like from Love That Pet


Hope you’ll benefit from these informative sites, which are designed to help pet owners to better take care of their pets. These sites are mostly run by certified veterinarians with authority. Next week, we’ll be back with 5 more sites, so please come back next week.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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