Hello! Welcome to another issue of animal health articles from trusted sources. This week, we have five more awesome holistic animal health sites packed with information, so enjoy!

As you know, every other week we put tougher five holistic animal health sites and articles from trusted sources. This week, we have five information-packed sites that would be really helpful for any pet owner.


Holistic Animal Health Articles from trusted Sources:

Below we have compiled five holistic animal health sites based on our research. These sites have articles, resources and advice from experts to help you take care of animal health in holistic ways.


1. The Whole Dog Journal:

holistic animal article The Whole Dog Journal is a comprehensive online magazine for dog owners. It has a great community of other pet owners, blogs, and resources to help you find useful tips and professional help for your dogs.

Articles we like from the Whole Dog Journal:


2. Only Natural Pet:

Only Natural Pet, founded in 2004, is a website offering natural products as well as helpful videos and articles for cat and dog owners. The owners of this site are pet enthusiasts and believe in natural solutions for pet health and happiness.

Articles we like from Only Natural Pet:


3. Petcha.com:

Petcha.com will help you find a perfect pet and also help you find tools and knowledge to keep your pets happy and healthy. This site has dogs and cat listings, information on breeders, rescues, and shelters. Their articles and resources cover a wide variety of topics. which are both informative and easy to read. Also, their community provides another way of finding answers from experts.

Articles we like from Petcha.com:


4. A Path with Paws:

holistic health puppies A Path with Paws is put together by Lena McCullough, DVM. She chose to practice holistic medicine in 2006. According to her, this was when she decided to turn in her vaccine needle and pick up the acupuncture needle and began a different path. She believes that her treatments begin where the modern western medicine ends. Visit her website, she has awesome articles and resources there.


Articles we like from A Path with Paws:


5. Holistic Hound:

Holistic Hound was started by Heidi Hill, in 2003.  This website is a blend of her passion for animals and holistic healthcare. With this site, she provides resources to help other pet owners to improve the health and wellness of their pets in holistic ways.

Articles we like from Holistic Hound:


Hope you enjoyed our chosen articles for this week. These are some amazing sites packed with information, so please go through these sites. In two weeks we’ll be back with another collection of articles on holistic health for animals. Until next time, stay well and stay healthy!


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