How BioEqualizer Works

Horse being Nebulized with BioEqualizer Immune Boosting SupplementBioEqualizer™ is the only 100% natural Thymic Protein Immune System Supplement for horses that is administered orally or through nebulization in a patented nano-silver solution, with Zinc Gluconate. Thymic Proteins are absorbed directly into the blood where they work to modulate the animal’s own immune system to help fight infection, accelerate healing after injury or surgery and help prevent future infection.

The purified Thymic Proteins used in BioEqualizer™ are bioidentical to those produced by a horse’s own body, which makes them best absorbed and assimilated.

What does BioEqualizer™ Help With?

  • Aid in Reducing EIPH – BioEqualizer™ was originally introduced as the hugely successful treatment for Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH). Administered directly to the lungs, BioEqualizer™ shows affects on symptoms in as little as 3 weeks of treatment and in clinical trials brought 23/ 26 horses with a rating of over 3 (out of 5) down to 0, in 90 days (88.5% success rate). See BioEqualizer EIPH Clinical Case Study
  • Help Heal Difficult Infections – BioEqualizer™ fights infection by aiding the horse’s own body to identify compromised cells in order for them to be destroyed. Before and after endoscope images of an ulcerated epiglottis; which remained inflamed through use of antibiotics, steroids and DMSO; illustrate how the infection resolved after only 15 days of treatment with BioEqualizer™. See BioEqualizer Epiglottis Ulcer Clinical Case Study
  • Assist Healing from Injury or Surgery – Use of BioEqualizer™ after surgery has been proven to help reduce healing time from the common “tie back” surgery from the typical 30 days down to only 17. Clinical Trial Available Upon Request.
  • Increase Health & Improved Temperament – Discomfort, strain, unresolved viruses and more can all lead to an equine athlete’s failure to thrive and high-strung behavior. Getting to the root of health issues with BioEqualizer™, rather than masking symptoms, has been shown to bring jaded equine athletes back to full potential.
  • Help Prevent Illness – Due to stressful travel situations, physical strain, confined living conditions and infectious environments through exposure to other equines from around the world, equine immune systems are constantly under threat. Maintenance doses of BioEqualizer™ have been shown to reduce incidence of infection, even when rampant on a racecourse.

Does BioEqualizer™ Have Side Effects?

As BioEqualizer™ is the bioidentical version of Thymic Proteins (not synthetic) that all mammals naturally produce; there are no known side-effects, drug interactions or contraindications of any kind.

Physical stress, confined conditions and environmental exposure can all create a deficiency of adequate Thymic Proteins in horses which leads to a dip in immune health. Simple fortification with BioEqualizer™ Thymic Proteins brings them up to optimal health in 3-12 weeks.

How does BioEqualizer™ Work?

BioEqualizer™ activates the immune system’s CD4 cells, or the “helper cells” of the immune system, while the patented nano-sliver solution has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which work quickly on localized infection. Zinc Gluconate is also added for its proven benefits in reducing infection.

Kill Viruses, Bacteria, Cancer CellsThe Thymus Gland naturally produces Thymic Proteins in early life, but due to age, environmental exposure and stress, these proteins may not be adequate to keep the immune system on top of fighting infection.

“Helper cells” are often the forgotten part of the immune system and their role is essential in making proper identification of invading pathogens to mark them for destruction by the body’s “killer cells”. Supplementing the “helper cells” is often the missing link for modulating the immune system.

Alternative Health Concepts’ proprietary blend of Thymic Proteins, Nano-Silver Solution and Zinc Gluconate provide the greatest sustainable immune system modulation, without the peaks and troughs of some supplements.

BioEqualizer™ Dosage

Acute EIPH, infection and recovery from injury or surgery generally require 3 doses per week for 90 days with 1,000 mcg BioEqualizer™, after which maintenance doses are often recommended.

A maintenance dose would call for weekly administration of 1 to 3 doses of BioEqualizer™ for prevention of infection from bacterial and viral disease, overcome stress, increase appetite and promote optimal vibrant health for your horse.

Why BioEqualizer™?

BioEqualizer™ is unique in that it contains not 1 or 2 Thymic Proteins, but 5. Through research and clinical trials, it was discovered that 1 or 2 proteins dedicated to the stimulation of immune function worked for a short time and patients found a sudden spike in health. What became apparent was that this spike was unsustainable, as the immune system wasn’t designed to remain in this constant state of stimulation, but have a natural modulation.

The addition of up to 5 Thymic Proteins regulated the immune function to best duplicate the body’s own modulation and therefore producing a long-term, sustainable immune function improvement.

BioEqualizer™ Ingredients

We use only purified, certified BSE-free Thymic Proteins from an animal source, usually bovine. This allows us to offer the bioidentical version of these proteins, rather than a synthetic form.

Zinc GluconateBioEqualizer™ also contains Zinc Gluconate, which is clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus and enhances immune response.

It also contains Nano-Silver Solution which is well documented as having antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


Scientific Evidence & Clinical Trials

For a more technical overview of BioEqualizer™ and how it modulates immune function, see our Clinical Trials we have carried out of BioEqualizer, please click below.

BioEqualizer EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage) Clinical Case Study

BioEqualizer Epiglottis Ulcer Clinical Case Study

Figure 1

Helper & Killer Tcellls


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