Increasing controversy around vaccines and modern veterinary medicines have made many pet owners and livestock farmers resort to alternative and complementary medicine. Here we will talk about the benefits of alternative and holistic Natural Herbal Treatments for animals.  

Animal health can greatly benefit from herbal treatments. They can help soothe their symptoms and prevent disease. A natural diet and holistic approach to animal health are also important in strengthening their immune systems and energize animals without the side effects of modern medicine and commercial diets.

Herbs for Pets – A Natural Way to Enhance your Pet’s Health

dogYou can achieve many health benefits for your pets and farm animals with a holistic and herbal health care approach. Below are several herbal treatment options for dogs and cats.

1. Herbs for Treating pets with Hepatitis:

If your pet’s blood report shows a high amount of live enzymes in it, your pet can benefit by St Mary’s Thistle. It’s very useful for treating animals with any kind of liver diseases and hepatitis diseases.

2. Herbal Antibiotics:

Herbal antibiotics are able to treat many of the ailments of pets without the side effects of conventional animal antibiotics. Andrographis is one such plant that is equivalent to an “herbal antibiotic” and liver detoxifier. It’s a good remedy for animals with skin allergies and itching.


3. Mushrooms for Sinusitis:

A combination of shitaki and reishi mushrooms can be excellent remedies for chronic skin or sinus infections.


4. Gingko Biloba for older Animals:

Gingko Biloba is a wonderful herb that helps animals who have changed behavior due to senility, dementia or stroke.


5. Heal Broken Bones with Comfrey:

ComfreyComfrey can help rectify slow healing or restore surgically corrected bones.  It’s also great for young animals to aid with fractures that do not need surgery.


Herbal remedies are highly effective and often safer than pharmaceuticals in treating animals. They can be used together with modern medicines or alone to treat diseases or to strengthen the immune system and health of animals naturally. Ask your local holistic vet about herbal medicines to research reputable sites online about them.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts  

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